Orchard Tour

109,00 (VAT included)


We are going to dive into the secrets of a fertile land like no other, not in vain the conqueror king himself said that the Xàtiva orchard  was the most noble and beautiful orchard in his kingdom. We are going to discover its traditions and learn how to distinguish the local products in its purest form, in its bush and not on the supermarket shelves.

DEPARTURE POINT: Visitor Reception Center (Av. Selgas, 2).

HOURS: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12.30 pm. Please, check prices and availability for weekends and holidays.

  Distinguish the local crops and discover its benefits for the local society and economy. Learn about working tools and techniques; participate in sowing, watering and collecting crops. An experience what brings you closer to the Mother Nature and the ingenuity of many generations that struggled to survive and that today are near forgotten. An enriching experience that brings you closer to knowing the identity and diversity of a town and that keeps you captive until the end of the route.


Tour not suitable for people with reduced mobility, baby carriages or wheelchairs.