Practical information

Here you can find some FAQ about Xativa and how our routes work, how to get to the city and where to park.

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Frequent questions

Most of our routes are suitable for all audiences, from babies in buggies to senior citizens, if necessary, we can manage, upon request, rented wheelchairs to carry out our tours.

The use of comfortable footwear is recommended: sports or mountain boots, especially to visit the castle, which is located on the mountain. Likewise, in hot weather, it is advisable to wear a cap or hat, sunscreen and carry a bottle of water.

Yes, when the weather is dreadful, you can postpone the excursion, the tour is carried out weekly and you can choose another date that suits you better.

"Travel: first it leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller." - I. Battuta

How to get to Xativa?

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT 1h 20 min. 

Please, be careful and do not confuse the Metro Stop in Valencia named Xàtiva with Xàtiva city.

  • BY CAR. 50 min. 69,3 Km.

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT 1 h 57 min.

  • BY CAR. 45 min. 65 Km.


  • BY CAR. 49 min. 62,8 Km.

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT. 2 h 22 min.

  • BY CAR. 1h 13 min. 113 Km.

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT. 1h 47 min.

  • BY CAR. 1 h 05 min.

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT. 2h. 51 min .

  • BY CAR. 3 h 20 min .

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT. 4 h 22 min.

  • BY CAR. 3 h 40 min.

Park your car

The access to the city is very simple, if you enter from the N-340 you will reach the industrial park, Mc Donals is on your left, then continue straight until the roundabout where there is located an ancient entrance to the city, the “Portal del León”, so continue straight and at 300 meters you will find the Selgas Avenue and there is the Tourist Office.
You can park your car freely on this avenue, on the left you will find the modern city, where you can also find free parking, but you should avoid entering with the car on the right of this main avenue, because there is the old city where parking is quite difficult.
In the center of the city there is the blue area where the parking ticket is mandatory from Monday to Saturday. Finally, it may be more convenient to park your in a car park, the closest ones are: