Medieval City of 3 Cultures Tour

109,00 (VAT included)


We move to the Xàtiva of the Middle Ages in a fascinating tour to know the fruit of the mixture between cultures, religions and ethnicities, we are going to discover the progress of the new society, but also the problems, misfortunes and exiles.


HOURS: Tuesday to Friday from 10.30 am to 1 pm. Please, check prices and availability for weekends and holidays.

  After the Christian reconquest, Jews and Arabs enjoy forgiveness and obtain royal permission to remain in the city. The foundations of a coexistence for prosperity are established, a coexistence marked by three faiths in which cultural achievements are experienced thanks to the contribution of each civilization, although culture to power has a monopoly on the official word. In our tour we discover an extraordinary city, the result of the mixture of cultures, religions, customs, we know its constructions, industry, economic prosperity, misfortunes and exiles. Places to visit:

  • Morería: Arabic baths, Argentería Street, Bassa Square
  • Jewish quarter: Saint Tecla Square and las Santas Street.Bellveret: Viewpoint, panoramic view of the city and entrance to the Aljama
  • Collegiate and former Hospital
  • Marketplace
A fascinating experience that brings you closer to know the identity and diversity of a town and that keeps you captive until the end of the route. Total distance: 2,800m. Min height 103, max 176. Elevation: 73m. Max slope 23%.  

Tour suitable for everyone.