Great Conqueror James I Tour


Are you ready to live the true Reconquest of the Kingdom of Valencia? We are going to take you back to the 13th century to know the facts and places that changed history. The king of the Valencian people fought for these lands returning to the Christianity the territories occupied by the Islam.

DEPARTURE POINT: Visitor reception center (Av. Selgas, 2).

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Jaime I was a ruler as beloved as admired and whose reign has been one of the longest in history.
On our tour we are going to discover one of the first Christian cities created in the Kingdom of Valencia. An unimaginable landscape of fertile land with abundant waters that fulfilled the golden dream of nobles, Knights, religious orders and pro-men, who received reward for their support and loyalty. The palaces, streets, fountains and temples that today delight us rose with enthusiasm and effort, enduring the essence of a medieval city that welcomed Arabs, Jews and Christians.

Places to visit:

  • Alameda Jaime I, gateway to the walled city
  • Montcada Street and Trinidad Square
  • Collegiate Church of St. Mary (outdoors visit)
  • Corregería, Market and Shopping Streets
  • Almudín of Wheat Courtyard
  • Church of St. Francisco (ooutdoors visit)

A fascinating experience that is going to bring you closer to know the identity and diversity of a town and that is going to keep you captive until the end of the route.

Total distance: 940m. Slope level: 13m. Maximum slope 16%

Tour suitable for all audiences.