The Borgia Popes Tour


We are going to move to the Valencian Golden Age and the hometown of the Borgia popes, a charismatic family that, due to its singularity, besides making history, they changed the course of it.

DEPARTURE POINT: Visitor Reception Center (Av. Selgas, 2).

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The Borgia family, with the two Setabean popes Calixto III and Alexander VI as heads of the house, reached the cusp of economic, political and ecclesiastical power. Their descendants related to the noblest families of Europe in transition to the Renaissance.
On our tour we are going to unveil the mysteries of this fascinating family, we are going to feel the energy of the environment that was born and gave the pontiffs baptism. We are going to walk through the streets and fountains that were accomplices and witnesses of their children’s games and laughs.

Places to visit:

  • Garden of the Kiss and canvas of the East City
  • Church of Saint Peter (outdoors visit)
  • Birthplace of Alexander VI (outdoors visit)
  • Trinity Square and its fountain
  • Collegiate Church of St. Mary (outdoors visit)

Deeds, intrigues, legends… we are going to dive into a powerful and controversial lineage, which will undoubtedly surprise us as much as it surprised the world and keep captive until the end of the route.

Total distance: 1,600m. Slope level: 11m. Maximum slope 9%

Tour suitable for everyone.