5-Km Black Cave Tour

75,00 (VAT included)


Live a unique experience in a river and mountain environment; it combines great diversity of ecological, landscape and cultural values. Hold on, because we are going back in time up to 40,000 years ago to know the uniqueness, vitality and energy of this place.

DEPARTURE POINT:  Gas station next the bullring.

DURATION: From 10.30 am to 1 pm



We fully immerse ourselves in nature in our tour, we are going back in time to prehistory to know one of the most interesting places of the Middle Paleolithic on the peninsula. We are going to discover how the Neanderthal clans, that found shelter in the Black Cave, lived and also the people who left us traces of the Levantine rock art in the Petxina cave. We are going to analyze the sharpness and ingenuity used in the middle ages around one of the most precious and necessary elements throughout history, the water: pipelines and constructions based on the use of the force of water to move mills and produce energy.

Places to visit:

  • Petxina Cave
  • Water Spring of Bellús
  • House of Light
  • Black Cave

Undoubtedly, an experience that takes us to another dimension where time and space have no limits and that will keep you captive until the end of the route.


Tour not suitable for people with reduced mobility, baby carriages or wheelchairs. The tour does not include transportation to the natural area of Cova Negra.